Augean Stables

When I said you're earth and I water.
I thought together we'd come to life.
But I just eroded your shores,
And you just muddied my depths.
You took on the form of shit,
And I became your sewage.
You drowned in my quagmire,
I sickened in your stagnancy.
It'd take a river to clean the stables,
And this rock takes leverage to move.
So take my hand, I'll show you leverage,
When I turn your own strength against you.
Your certainty will be your downfall,
And you'll deny it as you crumble.
I'll flow around where you strike,
And I've eternity to break the likes of you.
Our chemistry produced only toxins
As it became allergic to itself.
If we came to life it was as a plague,
That drove itself to extinction.

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