We'll Build Temples on their Crater

Neurolog retrieved from criminal case record of Langfield Honts:
“World War 3 wasn’t fought with weapons of mass destruction. Both sides were wary of open war, knowing that if it came to that, everyone would lose: the enemy had to be incapacitated before they could be invaded, largely through cyberwarfare. This is how WW3 sent technology hurtling decades into futurity, but by the end of the war, it was in the hands of governments which had used the war as an excuse to turn away from democracy: neurohacking, one of the technologies used as a weapon in war, is now a means they use on their own citizens to “keep the peace” and forbid any thoughts suggestive of treason. It wasn’t much of a leap for the citizens, as the only reason their minds had stayed out of the enemy’s was because their governments had already occupied it. There is actually very little abuse of this, and any corrupt technician who does abuse it is quickly sentenced, but to keep from even thinking about committing a crime, people have to repress their every emotion, and this is not something the governments have overlooked: there’s already been talk about decreasing the range of emotions people are allowed to feel.
As in the 20th century, the first great war of the 21st only paved the way for the next, and this time, with the technocrats in power, it will be far more barbarous than even WWII.
Meanwhile, anarchist communes had sprung up during the war in remote areas all over the world, each trying to stay way as far as possible from a world that now seemed about to end with nuclear war. They often settled in places that were inhospitable, such as deserts, although hydroponics allowed us to survive nonetheless. But many of us had gotten quite used to the idea that the society we’d left behind would be gone, and that we would be able to return to recolonise the world with our own. Even now, it’s just a matter of time.
I, for one, can’t wait for those anachronisms to go extinct, and for us, Übermenschen, to replace them. We will build temples upon the craters that extinguished you dinosaurs. I will not wait. They’re already poised to destroy each other, and all it takes is one false alarm. But there are still people back there who are not like the rest, and I want to save them from their prison before I leave it burning behind them. And I know just how to separate the chaff from the wheat.
In the aftermath of WWII, psychologists tried to find out how a nation could have allowed the holocaust to happen. Ironically, most of them were already working with Nazi scientists for the US government to find out how to actually recreate such conformity (MK-ULTRA). Yet with all its extreme methods, they could not make their subjects do what other studies (Zimbardo, Milgram) made them do just by asking them: in the other room is another subject just like you — torture them. Most of them already went too far, in any democratic country… which means that in a despotic country, almost anyone could be convinced to take part in a holocaust.
For most people, this made it easier to be forgiving, but for me, it turned the entire human race into my enemy, and ever since I knew about this, I’ve been in hate with anyone until proven innocent. And I just know from that hatred I feel inside me that I would not have been like them, that it would turn me against my entire species before I’d submit to them. I will put the human race on trial, and all who are guilty will be condemned to death in the way that’s most fitting — by their own hand, through their own crime: obedience. It’s not their mass murder that I have any qualms with, but their mindlessness — and if it’s the mass murder of mindless zombies, is it really murder at all? They’ve lived long enough. I will merely put them out of their misery.
I’ve contacted the other anarchist communes and advised them that they may soon get a large number of new arrivals, possibly on the order of hundreds of thousands, and they’ll be ready. It’ll be more than enough to get humanity through a genetic bottleneck, and I’m sure there won’t be more. From my experience with people, there can’t be more than one out of every ten thousand who truly has a mind of their own. As for the rest — without a mind of their own, they will lose nothing.
I already used hacking to reach out to enough people to found this community. I just need to do it on a larger scale. I will spread a virus across the net that will infect their neurocoms to run a simulation in their sleep which they will then forget afterwards, so that no one will ever become aware that the virus exists. In the simulation, they will find themselves as the last guard left in a Nazi concentration camp just before the liberation, implanted with memories of a lifetime of indoctrination. The other guards have already entered the trains to flee from the Soviets, but the commander is left with them to give them one last order: douse the prisoner’s barracks in gasoline and set them on fire. If they refuse, the commander will hold them at gunpoint until they take the gasoline, at which point the commander holsters his weapon again. When the barracks are doused in gasoline, the commander will tell them that he has no matches, and that they will need to use their gun to spark the gasoline. A more thorough version of Milgram's experiment.
If they shoot the commander instead, they pass the test, and I’ll work with the other anarchist hackers to liberate their neurocoms from the government’s control. At this point, we’ll have reached the point of no return, because they’ll be quick to trace the disappearances back to us and the entire world will brand us as terrorists for “abducting” their citizens. On that day, I’ll be ready to plant a series of false alarms of a nuclear attack all over the world. It’ll be easy for each side to suspect the other of having recruited us, as the only people they could never target for mind control, to extract some of their citizens for intelligence. The disappearances will already have caused a panic, because the governments are used to having everything and everyone under their control. It won’t take much more to drive them over the edges. It will happen anyway: we just need to make sure it happens at a time and place when the rest of us are safe from it. What I’m doing is akin to the controlled explosion of a mine.
None of the others are supposed to know of this, because even I can see that this plan is insane. Perhaps I do not belong in the future world either. It’s only right if I turn myself in on the day of the nuclear war to go down with the rest of the world. I will have enough proof to show them that I was acting alone when I did the hack. Perhaps it’ll keep their spotlight off the others for just a little longer. They’d interrogate them anyway sooner or later, but it will be too late: a few hours is all it takes to give us a chance to restart the world.
Besides, it’ll be all too satisfying to see the old world end from the inside.”

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