End of The Way

The way keeps going straight:
So it must be going somewhere.
But it's just what's left behind,
By those that came before us.
Humans divided the world,
Into plots on either side.
It's all much cleaner now,
With nothing left to cross
We will have nothing stop us,
So we need no destinations:
We raised them to the ground,
As they just stood in our way. 
But all ways come to an end,
And ours lay within walls.
Nowhere further could we go,
And still we just kept moving.
We went in circles till we fell,
Now they're spinning in our heads.
When we slept it was to dream,
Of the way that never ends.
The sleepers just won't wake
When we're all shouting fire.
They'll have one last ugly snore,
When they are all on fire.
The whole place is burning down,
But we just dance around the fire.
We'll have ourselves a barbecue,
And take all the pieces we need.
Throw all the rest to the dogs,
And we'll just call it history.

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