We will find each other,
Where we lose ourselves.
Where either of us ends,
There the other will begin.
I need not be without fear:
I'll see straight into your eyes.
Show me all that could be:
I'll not cast down my eyes.
Horizons reach every way,
Therefore so will my gaze.
If your sky reaches anywhere,
Then anywhere can I follow.
Whatever changes nothing will:
Still I'll know what I'm to do.
Any turn to come beyond the next,
Won't change the course to take.
Were all the world to disappear,
All turn out to have no meaning.
Still then could I not be stopped.
For there is but one way to go.
I'm seeking places in myself,
Where all places can be found.
I will take in everything into me,
Even nihilism to come my way.
Shift the world around me,
Still I'll know where I'm to go.
I am myself within infinity —
All the rest is only flux.
Only let my current flow,
And then 't will not rebound.
For it is drawn to no one force,
But flows all around my being.
I'll flow to whom doesn't resist;
Who does makes me flow farther.
Could there be no boundaries,
To come twixt yours and mine?
Then let us flow into each other,
As one vortex into the depths.
We are naught but motion gained,
From streams that drove us here.
You have already driven mine,
If I am to flow right thro' you.
All beyond myself may disappear,
So I'll just make you part of me.
Pass who we are this moment,
To who we become the next.
To be open to all we could be,
Is to become no one at all.
I'll be balanced me on the edge,
Of the ebb and flow of moments,
Where the past recedes behind,
And futures proceed before me.
I can't see beyond the crest,
Of the wave that I am riding.
I know but where it's taken me,

And that it takes me further still.

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