Meaning Equals Undefined

Since there’s nothing beyond existence that it can have any meaning to, any meaning of existence could but be part of existence that’s somehow to give the whole value, yet as they’re all aspects of the same whole, all must have value if any has value. The search for meaning is an attempt to limit the whole of existence to a part of it as finite as ourselves, and to let that go we need to see that we can never be perfect.
Meaning tries to define within the infinite (contradiction in terms), submitting the sign to the dominance of the significance. This apartness is our suffering, wholeness our happiness, so that meaning only makes us unhappy, and in meditation, we should focus not on part but the whole of our consciousness. In itself, every part of our consciousness has value only for what it is in itself, and as there is no absolute by which the value of one can be set as higher/lower than another, they must be seen as equal in value.

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