The Psychoanalyst

There was nowhere the snake could not go.
It snaked into the darkest places of the world,
Never minding how small it was down there,
And lost itself in them deeper and deeper.
The space kept growing smaller around it,
Still it thought to find something here,
Until all but starving it turned around at last,
And then it saw its own tail before it.
But it had become so narrow-sighted
That it thought it to be something else,
And it followed it to find where it went,
Only to end up chasing its own tail.
Ever faster it kept turning in circles,
Only to find it was as fast as he.
He could have died of exhaustion
Just trying to see the back of its own head,
But then it took hold of it with its fangs,
And thinking it did the same began to swallow.
The eagle watched the snake from up the rocks,
And found it had no more appetite.

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