Whatever we become in life,
All we are goes up in flames.
All life is transformation,
A dance in a circle of fire.
Any that seek its extinction,
Would therein find their own.
But cinders always remains,
To flare up once revealed.
However deep within it hides,
All the greater is the backdraft.
Even the ashes return to fuel;
All life is one convection.
Flames rise among each other,
Reaching out beyond themselves.
They wrestle into their dance,
Where love and hate are one.


We're drawn into the light.
It warms us as we take it in.
But it keeps on getting brighter,
Till it burns when we can't take it.
But we keep flying, falling,
Until it burns ourself away,
Then we become one with it.
To know we always were the light,
We know that all is the same fire:
And in heaven and hell we burn alike:
Though in hell to purges us from smoke,
In heaven to kindle our clear light.
Heaven and hell are one and the same,
Coming together here and now as earth.
All of life is burning with the same fire,
And its kind is called desire.

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