The Meaning of Experience

As any experience can be both enjoyed and suffered, even pain and pleasure itself, they're not so much different kinds of experiences as much as what we call that which we enjoy or suffer. But enjoyment and suffering are just ways our mind reacts to an experience, whether it's attracted to it or repelled from it. When we're enjoying or suffering from an experience, and we look at our consciousness of the experience just as it is in the moment, we will always find that we can’t say just what it is that's so good or bad about that consciousness in and of itself, because there isn't anything: something can only be good or bad for something outside itself, something in the future, so that if the current were all we knew, we would not even know what good or bad even meant.
All experience is of the same kind, in itself neither good nor bad, whether it is in the form of pleasure or pain. We should, therefore, not for its own sake avoid pain or seek pleasure, but rather avoid the problems and seek the opportunities they indicate. If there is any value in any consciousness at all, then there must be equal value in all consciousness, and the meaning of existence is not to achieve a particular kind of consciousness but to be as conscious as possible. The value of an experience is but in how conscious it makes us, and in this any experience is better than none at all.
Consciousness is itself all there is to existence, and it makes no sense to ask what is the value of existence, as whatever it would be for would itself have to be part of existence, and then again we could ask what is its value. As we are always conscious, we have already found what value there is to our existence, and we will not find value of another kind than that which we already have every moment.
If there is a God, God lets the universe be as it is because nothing we experience is in itself right or wrong, and every experience in existence is valuable, and through our own experience we contribute to God’s. If God were to put an end to every experience anyone ever sees as wrong, there would be nothing left of existence.

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