Connection in Consciousness

Consciousness is made of connections, and the more connected the different parts of our consciousness are, the more they balance each other. Acceptance is the connection between parts of our consciousness, which is happiness, and repression is their disconnection, which is suffering, and to meditate is to accept all as part of the whole of our consciousness, so that it can evolve in itself. Even to solve a problem, we must be conscious of it and therefore accept it: even if that problem is our repression itself, lest we also repress the part of us that represses. Distraction is one part being unconsious of another, so that we must accept it when we become conscious of it lest we become distracted again.
To ourselves, all is but part of our consciousness, so that we connect with others through ourselves and to ourselves through others, and once we connect, whatever we do for/to each other we also do for/to ourselves and the other way around: we can only know how to help others towards balance if we are more balanced than them ourselves, and until then we should not try to help them but first help ourselves. All we can do to make someone conscious is to accept them for our part, that they may do the same. But it is only we who can accept ourselves, and this doesn't depend on others accepting us.
We can only connect with someone or something if we accept them and therefore their consciousness: we couldn't connect with gods even if they'd let us, because they'd be conscious of all we wouldn't accept. But who are we to say what's allowed to exist and what isn't? We are all a combination of all aspects of existence, and when we don't accept any one of them in ourselves or others, then we don't accept existence itself. As people change, the only way to truly accept someone is to accept everything they could become, and since we can become anything, we can only do so by accepting all consciousness.

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