Art is Meditation

Nothing we ever create can ever be even nearly as beautiful as our own consciousness, as it can itself derive from no more than part of that consciousness. The beauty in our consciousness is something we neither can nor need to recreate for others, because we each already have it inside us, far greater than that which anyone could ever create for us. Art can merely make us aware of the beauty that is already there. As a language, and unlike beauty, art is meaningless in itself, and its medium is not so much the material it uses but the people it interacts with, first and foremost oneself.
Art never creates much beauty outside ourselves, because beauty, rather than needing to be created, just evolves in and of itself, and nothing we created has ever been as beautiful as anything that evolved. Art can only make us more conscious of beauty. When creating art the one thing we most need to stay mindful of is how our every feeling affects the art and the other way around, as it will have a similar effect on the people who see it. Art is a meditation, and creates not so much beauty as consciousness. Since we are consciousness, which recreates itself, we are therefore our own greatest creations, and the greatest form of creativity is meditation.
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