Evolution and Connection

Evolution is the process by which everything connects and separates in and of itself. The more things separate, the more connections can be made between them and the other way around, so that on the whole, connectivity and separateness increase each other: complexity is the sum of separation and connectedness, simplicity being a more connected and intricacy being a more separate form of complexity. Just by existing as part of a whole in which it can connect and separate with other parts, every event causes evolution.
The more complex a system, the more possible forms of connection and separation there are, and the less likely a separation is to be the reversal of another connection — or the other way around — so that complexity increases itself over time. As every connection of one part with another also connects it with what the other part is connected with, and every separation within a part is also a separation with everything it is part of, complexity increases itself at an exponential rate.
Evolution means that on the whole, everything gets better in the end. If it seems not to be so it is because we focus on only part of the whole, but whatever part of the whole goes extinct, in the end it is to the betterment of the whole as it makes place for further evolution. As we are part of the universe, the same evolutionary potential that created the universe is also within us, meaning that we ourselves are as likely to evolve within our lives as our environment.
To know that all that exists just happened and nothing and no one else was even needed for it to become what it is should bring us not to despair but to hope, more so than anything we ever believed in including God, for it is as if — as if there were a providence in existence itself which always prevails in the end. There is a reason for everything to happen, but it is in the future rather than in the past, and only comes into existence when it is fulfilled.
Complexity is the information of energy, and there are three kinds of interactions between things through which information can be created: parasitism, competition and mutualism. In parasitism, one thing reuses the information of another, in competition, one thing uses the same information as another, and in mutualism, two things add up their information. Every level evolves from parasitism to mutualism and then evolves a new level of competition between more complex things.

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