The first thing I feel when I desire you,
Is something dark like anger.
A beast that’s nothing human to it,
And will not speak your language;
A savage broods on the horizons,
For the weather signs in your eyes.
I don’t want to stroke your self,
But sink my teeth into its barrier.
I don’t know what I’ll do with you,
Only that first I need to have you.
Once you’re at my mercy
We’ll see what will happen.
But I know I’d chase you away,
And I cannot overtake you.
I need to mesmerize you
With the stillness in my eyes:
So that as I slowly stalk closer
I seem to be standing still,
And you keep on waiting,
For the point the chase begins.
I’ve too much taken care
Not to hurt you at the touch.
My fingers bear claws,
That must dig into you.
I have no end of my own,
Am just a channel of instinct;
I let it flow in me from elsewhere,
The nature within us each.
All you want is some fun,
But I want to consume you:
To take your soul out of you,

And drag it into the beyond.

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