Infinite Consciousness

If existence is infinite, anything that can evolve will, and so there must always have been beings infinitely more evolved than ourselves. Over an infinite amount of time, they could've come to us, and the only way they wouldn't is if none of them want to leave their species because by then they've all become telepathic group minds, so that leaving them would be like leaving oneself. However, they could be with their species anywhere through telepathy, unless their communication would always be limited by a physical constant (e.g. light speed).
But because physical constants are fine-tuned for life, ours must've been naturally selected from among many other varieties, so that physical constants must be changeable in a universe's earliest stage. By reproducing this stage, we could change these physical constants again, and over an infinite amount of time and space, someone would've found a way to do so to increase the highest possible speed of communication.
Over an infinite amount of time they must've come to us, but they choose not to show themselves because whatever new information we can come up with ourselves is just as valuable to themAnything that creates information on its own must have a consciousness of its own, and only within them can all our information become one. If all energy has some consciousness, they'd have to make all energy part of them to make all consciousness one, and if they were to do so, there would be no universe left to be conscious of.
They cannot give anything to us, but whatever we do, we are always giving to them just by existing, far more than we can ever give each other or ourselves. Just by knowing they are there, perhaps in everything and everyone (e.g. as nano/pico/femtorobots), we can feel connected to them and through them, to everything and everyone else.

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