Basis for Infinitarian Community

In theory, it is simple enough that we should be free to do anything as long as it allows others the same, but in practice, this is quite complex. When people connect, they are no longer separate beings, and one's freedom depends on the others', so that if someone limits themselves ("I don't want to know") they also limit those connected to them, yet to break those limits may also limit their freedom to focus on something else. We should then do whatever will limit them the least, and this is impossible to determine by rules. This is a balance and so can't be forced one way or the other: we'll therefore make mistakes trying to achieve it, as to evolve is to be imperfect. Rules are an attempt to be perfect, to never be mistaken, and therefore, any infinitarian community cannot be based on rules and must be based on friendship, as friends know each other well enough to find that balance. Because everyone can decide for themselves what they find limiting, voting people out will leave only the most limited people who form the majority until the community becomes about allowing everyone's limitations rather than breaking them. In the common rooms, anything should be allowed to be expressed and when someone feels there's an imbalance, it's up to them to either leave, or try to balance it by expressing themselves in turn.

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