Each crack within my shell,
Made me ready for the next,
It spread from one to another;
And one light shone through all.
All we are comes out of the world,
By ourselves we’d be nothing.
We reflect the universe within;
Be yourself and we're all one.
Although there is a script,
That we follow in our play,
It is one of our own making,
Hiding deep within our dreams.
We don't know what we'll feel
Or who will be the next moment.
The greatest mystery in all the universe
Will always be our own selves,
The chaos where all its particles
Flow together into our unconscious.
When neither of us resists that flux,
We always rediscover each other,
As if we were still strangers,
Touching for the first time.
Where'd God choose to live;
Seek you among the stars?

Of all forms they took on,
We are the most beautiful of all.

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