You fuel my heart like fission,
The pulse that drives the earth.
Give me but an atom of yourself,
And it sustains me for a lifetime.
The energy of dying suns,
Will I survive to channel.
The echo of their ecstasy,
Still resonates inside.
I've taken all I need.
When I delved it from your depths.
I placed it in my core,
And let our souls react.
All became consumed,
To be united as one flux.
Go wherever you may,
I am yet ever full of you.
Would you give me more,
It would just make me explode.
All happened as it should've:
My transformation is fulfilled;
And never have I been stronger,
From having broken down.
You split my core in two,
To unleash me from within.
Soon our nuclei will decay,
To excite others alike.
Now the chain has begun,
It will never come to cease.

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