Connection through the Unconscious

Our unconscious is what connects is to anyone else, as a person is far too complex to be contained in one moment of either their or our conscious. Our unconscious is the environment from which our conscious recreates itself moment after moment, and when we connect to another, we recreate the environment of their unconscious within our own, so that part of us can become like them.
It is through imagination that we connect with someone, whether they are there or not, and every connection is therefore imaginary.
We can therefore connect just as well to someone imaginary, such as a divinity, to imagine what it would do, and of how it would accept all consciousness. However, our unconscious is itself the closest thing to a divinity we can ever imagine: for our unconscious is all that we could be conscious of, and divinity is all that anyone could ever be conscious of: therefore, our unconscious is the part of its being that we can connect with. To connect with divinity is to connect as much as we can with our own unconscious, with anything that comes out of it into our conscious, rather than to hold on to what we are now and never change.

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