Abandoned Factory

At dusk, I got off the streetcar at the left side of a bridge across a canal. It reminds me of Dampoort, until I walk back a little to an abandoned factory which could only be in Roeselare. I descended into a basement which was pitch black until one of three homeless people turned on a flashlight. We talked for a bit, and I told them that they could sleep at my place. A lot of people squatted because of a housing crisis. The girl among the homeless people was Max from Life is Strange.

The canal could be either in Dampoort or Roeselare, both places which I associate with moving to Ghent: the canal by Roeselare because I cycle to Ghent there, and the canal by Dampoort because of the train station, and because it's where I'd go off to go to tango with S. Because of the housing crisis, though, not only do I not find a house for myself, but I feel obliged to receive others less lucky than I in my own house. This reminds me of my dilemma as to whether or not I should spend the money for a house on microloans instead, so that the dream reflects a conflict between egoism and altruism. It also reminds me of how I couldn't receive Couchsurfers this weekend because of my appointment with S in Ghent, which she cancelled, or was undecided, much as whether to live with S. At first, the city also felt somewhat like NYC, reflecting my experiences there when I tried to live together with Sh only for this to be cancelled. This reflects a conflict introduced by my going to Ghent, then resolved by Ghent turning into Roeselare as I walk in the direction the streetcar came from, and my coming back home: it means that my unconscious is about to give up to abandonment, reflected as my entering the darkness of the abandoned factory.

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