Fate shone in your eyes,
Ever changing as the moon.
The light waxed and waned,
From underneath your lids.
I would not avert my eyes,
From the universe above.
Till I saw 't in yours reflected,
Drawing me from within.
I thought you as the cosmos,
Without boundaries within:
From the sky a sample taken,
Into its purest mirror forged.
Never to be one nor the other,
But through many worlds to live;
Embodying their mystery,
In ambiguity of chance.
But when your box I opened,
Collapsed superposition.
The science was just magic,
Now broken the illusion.
Can you too but be yourself,
If none know who you are?
Then stay inside your box,
And live on in uncertainty.
Aren't you a scaredy-cat,
Too much a coward to be seen.
You think what's not your prey,
Can only be your predator.

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