Health in Balance

As germ lines never age, our organism already has all the processes to reverse ageing. However, they all have to be balanced against each other, which is much simpler for gametes than for entire organisms: too much regeneration causes cancer, and too little causes organ failure. Health lies between shortage and excess, so that of everything we should give or take only to balance.
If we knew how to balance each of our biological processes, we could already become immortal.
This will happen very soon, as through labs-on-a-chip, our computers could inform us how our every biochemical is being affected by all we do, and even balance them automatically with doses adjusted in real time.
By seeking correlations in all the biodata of a large enough number of people and animals, supercomputers could automatically research every possible natural or artificial cure for ageing, and we may need not one but thousands of cures to become immortal, though labs-on-a-chip may also synthesise these.
Since immortality is just being healthy one moment at a time, humans will become immortal whether we want it or not, and only genocide could stop it. As labs-on-a-chip are now in development and will soon become as ubiquitous as cellphones, we should prepare to make our society more sustainable as soon as possible. Health is the only thing in life that's serious, and all else is play.

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