Balance in Combination

If any aspect of ourselves were unneeded, we wouldn’t have evolved it, and so we should have all aspects in balance, even if they are each other’s opposites.  If we accept all aspects when they come, they will connect and balance each other in themselves. Any extremes can balance each other, no matter how excessive they may be in themselves, for every excess is formed by the lack of its opposite.
When there is imbalance, rather than decreasing the excess we should increase the lacking opposite, so that we can achieve balance through creation rather than destruction. In this way, rather than to decreasing them, balance can increase each opposite, and if in balance, opposites themselves will increase each other.
Because we are never in perfect balance, one opposite will always be somewhat in excess, so that if we decrease the excess, we will always destroy, but if we increase what there is lacking we will always create. Our mind is made up of what it is focused on, so when there is an imbalance in our minds, we shouldn’t even focus on that which is excessive but instead focus on that which is lacking. For all to be in balance there must also be a balance between extremes and moderation.
All opposites are a form of that between empty and full, and as there is no information in either in itself, it exists only on the interface between the two. Their opposition is all they is, for if full were empty and empty full, nothing would be different. As either in itself is nothing, we must always balance opposites, and to find the balance we must try different possibilities between extremes, and to do so we need to be free from limits, for that balance may change.
The energy in our body and mind is made up of waves that flow together into a whole that is one and yet manifold. Each wave has a will of its own, arising from the whole of the mind and in turn affecting it. Once a wave starts, it takes time to stop by itself: it can't be stopped, only changed by an opposing wave which may balance it. Meditation is to synchronize our waves, and to go as fast as a wave of perception, we should go not too fast and not too slow.

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