Love is your religion,
But I'm not your messiah.
It's only a matter of time
Before you lose your faith.
There are no deities to me,
If each one negates the other.
And rites are too artificial,
To even be meaningless.
You need not be divine,
For me to confide in you;
I stand naked for all to see,
And have no secrets left for you.
I seek but a companion,
To walk this path with me,
For once just to be human,
And share even our faults.
If you could but do that,
You'd be more than petty gods.
I will betray no one's jealousy,
For never will I serve any.
Whatsoever laws you hold,
I will always be a heretic.
So hit me or hold me;
It is all the same to me.
Either is to be touched
By vagaries of the elements.

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