Autism vs Schizotypy

Asperger is caused by increased glutamate 1 and schizotypy by decreased glutamate 2 they are each other's opposite, but they often both get the same diagnosis because the symptoms are similar. Glutamate strengthens old connections between neurons, affecting dopamine differently in each brain area so as to cause the former to focus more on old connections and the latter more on new connections. As they do, the former makes less connections between different parts of the brain 4 and the latter too little connection within each part, causing the former's brain waves to separate across the brain into faster, smaller ones and the latter's to connect into slower, larger ones. The former only works well for rationality, the latter only for intuition. We need both intuition to know what our needs are and reason to know how to fulfill them, so that both have similar problems with self-care.
Because they're made based on generic symptoms, autism diagnoses have increased fiftyfold 5 to include other "autism spectrum disorders" which are actually very different. Asperger and schizotypy are different forms of neuroplasticity, while autism is simply neurodegeneration. So while vaccines don't increase the chance of autism spectrum disorders,  6 it may still cause a rare, autoimmune type of autism, as found by one study that excluded other autism spectrum disorders. 416 out of 437 studies found a correlation between autoimmunity and autism. 8 If the former causes the latter, genetic analysis before vaccination could be used both to prevent autoimmunity and to increase vaccination.
1 Tamer H. Hassana et al.: Blood and brain glutamate levels in children with autistic disorder

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