A Wish to Be a Dendrite

The clay shatters,
But it's all right.
It's not a part of me;
And I will grow beyond.
My roots reach out,
In between the shards.
Let me wander away.
From my own destiny.
At least I know I'm naught,
Sans what I hold onto.
If you cast your shade on me,
I'll just move toward the sun.
If I were more than what I am,
I'd see you're no worse than I.
You're just another part of us,
Tho' our ways must never cross.
The next life will be like me,
Though I may not find it here.
We were meant to grow,
Not to keep standing still.
Perhaps we never will
Grow into each other.
After all we will end here,
And never be sentient.
I've gone too far with you,
And must retrace my steps.
Then let me return to dirt,
And be eaten over and over.

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