Salusa Secundus

"You left us orphaned,
Planted the gun on my brother,
Sat back to enjoy the show,
And left us to fight each other.
Then you tut we're barbarians,
But you raised us as such,
With only guards in the place
Of the parents they killed.
I learned to fight for survival,
And never trust a stranger.
All my friends are with God,
But He told me the end is near."
"You're both naughty boys,
But let's forget it now.
Have all the arms you want,
Only then will you be free.
Do you need a hand with that?
I'd hate for one of you to win.
The sooner you kill each other,
The sooner we can free your land.
We can fix this problem for you,
The same way we caused it.
If your arm bleeds cut it off:
Then your arm will bleed no more."
"Debt's always repaid with interest,
And lives lose their value in inflation.
If we were to kill all of you,
We'd be no worse than you.
We'd only be avenging each of ours,
With as many of you as you have yours.
You've made monsters of us,
But you made us in your image.
Who are you to judge and execute,
When we fight but in 'defense' like you?
When we're at war you call it terror,
When you terrorize you call it war."
"Death to killers!
I bit my own tail,
And so I must swallow
To avenge myself."
"A snake that eats itself!
You don't see that every day.
No, you'd see a million die,
Before one that dies that way."

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