Life is Risk

Life does two things, growing and dying, and if we don’t do one we do the other, for only through regrowth do we not die. To grow, life needs to grow towards a point, so it doesn't grow too little or too much: a purpose to adapt itself to, by which it knows when it’s reached its balance. As soon as the purpose has been achieved, however, growth once more stops, so that a new purpose is always needed.
The purpose with which life grows is to adapt to change, and so we need change to live: however risky change may be, there can be no greater risk than stagnancy. We may be harmed by taking risks, but we are certain to be harmed by never taking risks.  This is why most people die from inertia rather than by risking their lives, as we know the risks we take, but not the risks that happen to us. We don't fear inertia the way we fear risk because fear doesn't make us avoid risks as much as make us adapt to them.

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