Militant Pacifism

Anyone who chooses to take part in war chooses to risk death. Therefore, killing them isn't forcing anything upon them, so that this isn't wrong in itself, but it still should not be done as it only makes more enemies. When a group is violent anywhere, we should react the same way as when a person is, by policing them. Just as in a riot, in a war, we should merely prevent the violence until the conflict can be resolved peacefully with the nonviolent majority. In the beginning of a conflict there is only a fraction that wants war, and anyone who takes part later does so only in revenge.
We can best defeat a weaker attacker by capturing them with nonlethal weapons; but we can best defeat a stronger attacker by letting them invade, only to then overpower any of them who tries to control us until they give up, when they no longer know which way to turn to defend themselves: then it makes no difference whether they're there or not, because every people has the same number of people who try to control them, and how controlled a people is depends only on how hard they make it for anyone to control them, no matter whether they're one's own people or another.

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