Tower of Babylon

The tower would never be finished,
Till it reached the roof of the skies.
Our lives became a building site,
A work to ever be in progress.
The tower kept growing in size,
But all its rooms stayed vacant.
We treasured the emptiness within,
Which left us view of the horizons.
In time so tall became the tower,
We saw the curvature of the earth.
For this was not the center of the earth,
And the sky all around it at once.
When we found no God in the skies,
We declared Man our new God.
We turned against each other,
Each to seat the empty throne,
And built new towers’ on the bones
Of those that died working on the old.
In our confusion we spread out,
All speaking another language.
None of us still agreed on the meaning,
Of what the sun revealed to us.
Thus God’s punishment came,
In the revelation of its absence.

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