Its teeth have me in its clutch,
Slowly sucking on my blood.
If I won't feed it for a while,
It'll just devour me whole.
It bites deeper into my flesh,
To send spasms up my spine,
It has to go somewhere,
Or it consumes me whole.
It keeps gnawing at my insides,
As it turns me into itself.
It seeks its way out of my skin,
If it's to tear me open to get out.
It claws at my nerves and brain,
As it tries to work its electricity;
First making me writhe in agony
Then teaching me to dance.
Now my body's like a vehicle,
That I've never learnt to drive,
It's only given me to borrow,
But I won't return it anyway.
I stretch inside my skin,
As I try to break into it.
Are you the wrong size for me,
Am I too much for you as well?
Then die already if you want,
Till then you're stuck with me.
Meanwhile I'll do what I want,
For what else am I to do?

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