Two Psychic Drives

There are two ways in which evolution happens: genetic and memetic, the former through connection with an individual and the latter through connection with a collective. The former is driven by sexuality, the latter by spirituality. For connection to be created by libido, separation must first be destroyed by destrado, and because in sexuality more connection is created with the individual, and in spirituality there are more individuals with whom separation is destroyed, sexuality is driven more libido and spirituality more by destrado.
Because men evolved to connect with larger groups and women to connect with smaller groups, men have more spiritual energy and women more sexual energy. However, it's mostly men that destroy the separation before a sexual connection begins, and mostly women that create the connection after spiritual separation ends. Once a spiritual connection is fully created with the world, it becomes a connection with its individuals, and when a connection with an individual is fully created, it becomes a connection with their world.
While psychic energy may be transferred between sexual and spiritual, the amount of psychic energy in the mind is not a constant, and how much of each we have depends not on how we transfer it between one and the other but on how well they are in balance. Because both sexuality and spirituality are both connection, the can be united into one connection with the whole of our consciousness. The Romantics and Taoists both achieved this unification of spirituality and sexuality, in which the lover becomes a personification of the universe and the other way around.

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