Quantum Thermodynamic Hypothesis

Postulate: All natural laws are the result of the lawless interactions of its particles.
Since all matter can be turned into energy as photons, all matter is made up either of photons or smaller particles which photons are made of. As photons have no mass, mass is just the amount of particles, and energy is just their speed, so that particles can only get their speed from other particles, which is why matter cannot go faster than the photons it is made of.
The closer matter is to light speed, the more its photons move along the direction of movement so that their paths are parallel and do not cross. As photons are force carriers, this reduces the particles’ interaction with each other so as to cause length contraction and time dilation: space and time are both caused by movement of matter, and it's not time and space that contract and expand, but matter. Because this changes the density of matter, it could be that what seem like gravity waves are just a much slower aftershock, and that they themselves are too fast to be detected.
A particle can act as a wave not because it’s at many places at once but because it’s made up of many smaller particles each in just one place. These smaller particles form a wave by their own force on each other, through which they all get the same speed (for the speed of light this occurred throughout the early universe). Particles of the same wave, including photons, interact by a force carrier faster than themselves (if relativity is caused by matter being made of photons, it does not apply below the photon level). As forces therefore act between all particles, any particle will align to magnetic fields (causing polarization), so that entanglement is just an artifact.
Particles cause waves in the vacuum energy around them, leaving troughs/crests in it which absorb/emit energy from other particles, which is how particles can interfere destructively as well as constructively. Forces carried by particles are formed by the positive and negative pressure of the waves they make up, identical pressures causing repulsion and opposite pressures causing attraction. All forces were once one because all matter was made up of the same particles, a few of which later came together into larger particles. In black holes all particles move in one vortex ring, which is how photons in a black hole (or whatever became of them) can retain their speed inside the black hole. Gravity causes time dilation because it converts particles' external into internal movement.
Smaller particles form larger particles when negative and positive pressures in smaller particles form a cycle, much as in convection. In this cycle the larger particles keep absorbing smaller particles into their center and emitting them into their periphery in a vortex ring. These particles cause force fields by passing through objects around them. Net absorption causes attraction, net emission causes repulsion. Once a particle has absorbed or emitted enough, it decays.
The smaller the force carrier, the less force is in each, but the more there are and so the farther their wave can go. All matter is affected by gravity, including photons, so that gravitons must be the smallest particles making up all other matter, including photons. Dark matter is not affected by electromagnetism, so that it must be made of sub-photonic particles such as gravitons. Matter having a net negative pressure relative to dark energy would cause an accelerated expansion of the universe.
Because larger particles emit smaller particles on one side and absorb them on the other, if they move very close they need to move in opposite directions in order to attract rather than repel each other. This is why electrons in electron bands have opposite spin. When larger particles forced in place emit waves of smaller particles, the waves resonate, forcing them into atomic shells, similar to cymatic patterns. In the same way, a wave of particles can also force some of their particles against the other wave, which is tunneling. Low frequencies have more force per wavelength, so that they tunnel more through other waves than high frequencies, which refract more.

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