Meditation is Enjoyment

Meditation is to take the time to fully enjoy something. Yet the word that is more associated with the future than the current, the current being but a means to the future end of enlightenment. A meditation for which the current is the end in its own sake may just be called enjoyment, and rather than a transcendence of it, is the natural state of life, and in this it can take an example from animals. As soon as we want to meditate for its own sake, we've already achieved enlightenment, and all that's left to do is to enjoy it. Meditation is but a means to become healthier, nothing more.
To be in the moment, we should meditate not for any amount of time, but for one moment after another. It may but last moments at first, but we can repeat whenever we want. Meditation can be done while doing anything else, and should be balanced between active and passive. If we're distracted, it's because we want to focus on something else, and as we can only do what we want, we should then find out what. Meditate briefly but frequently, as you will learn to quickly return to the meditative states you were in before.

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