Creativity and Experience

We never have to be ashamed to express ourselves, for if it's authentic it's beautiful in its own way just for being authentic, just as all things in nature, and if not, then since it doesn't come from ourselves we have nothing to do with its not being beautiful anyway: both are all the more reason to be even more expressive.
Since all of us have consciousness all of us are already creative. The best way to seek out as much consciousness as possible is to seek out the experiences we most desire, as it's those that we experience most fully, and it's but through association with them that we can then come to desire other experiences as much. There can be no creativity without desire and therefore, without freedom, so that we cannot force ourselves to be creative no matter what, and all we can do without desire is to first seek out desire.
Creativity is the cycle of expression and impression, one causing the other. Creativity takes place in consciousness and is therefore the creation of consciousness, so that consciousness itself is creativity, and everyone is creative just by being conscious. Our consciousness only exists within the moment, so that we must be in the moment to be creative. To actually create something it cannot already exist, and therefore to create we must first let go of everything there is until we have nothing left to hold on to.

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